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11 December 2008 @ 08:02 pm

One of my favorite drummers, Chris Adler of Lamb of God has gone vegetarian. I read this in Modern Drummer just before the release of the Killadelphia DVD. He said it was because of "health reasons." Fine, no problem here. I can't fault anyone who stops eating anything for health reasons. I just found the following on a PETA website:

When we last spoke to American death metal giants Lamb of God, we discovered that drummer Chris Adler went vegetarian after learning what happens to animals killed by the factory-farming industry. That makes perfect sense to us, considering that the members of Lamb of God are focused on staying true to themselves and often address subjects like politics, greed, and hypocrisy in their songs. So we thought: Who better to star in our next PSA? Sitting behind his drum kit, Chris appears beside a tagline he wrote himself: "My marriage, my relationships and family, my accomplishments with my band and my choice to be vegetarian are not only things I am proud of, they define me."

Maybe he was trying to save face amongst the metal world? Probably not, he's not one for bullshit. I also find it hard to believe that being in the metal scene, which thrives on death, suffering and gore, he's put off by a slaughterhouse. Besides, should PETA be praising a band that addresses hypocrisy? *cougheuthanaisacough* AND, stop making it look like the add was a big deal. You just made a shitty photoshop of his Meinl endorsement add from '06.

I guess I'm more mad at PETA for their usual misinformation tactics and dragging one of my heroes into it.

Personal Update:
Work is finally into the Holiday swing. I missed Thanksgiving with my family, and I'll miss Christmas too. Fortunately Lauren's family will be here and I've had a few invites from co-workers. I'm NOT missing New Years Eve. I'm driving right from work to Da 'Burgh that afternoon.