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02 February 2009 @ 08:45 pm
Football and canibals....what a weekend....  
WAY TO GO STEELERS! I think the 4th quarter action took a year off my life, but I'm so glad they pulled it off! I'm sure Myron Cope and Carl Nery are waving their Terrible Towels wherever they are.

I thought I missed my home already, but I admittedly fell into a severely depressed mood because I wanted to be celebrating MY team in MY city. I'm ok now, because I know that there's and end in sight to my time out here.

I've been pleasantly surprised by some of my co-workers. After the sadly DRY company party, I was asked where I was going to watch the game. I said "uh...at my place, by myself." They said, "Bullshit, we know you're having a hard time. You're coming with us." We went to the bar and I had a blast. They also promised any help they could offer to help me get home. I knew there were good people here, I just hadn't found them yet. I'm glad I know who to keep in touch with when I leave.

Also, at said boozeless party, I met the husband of one of our managers. She said he was involved in the horror film world, and that we'd have a lot to talk about. Turns out, he's Emmanuel Kervyn, writer and director of Rabid Grannies. ROLL THE CLIP!

I've had a lot of good conversations with friendly people, but that ranks as one of my most memorable. He gave me really good AND practical advice about writing music for film, especially silent film. I told him I had some ideas for a silent film. He listened intently, offered encouragement and said he'd be willing to critique it if it comes to fruition.
moonlitmagik on February 5th, 2009 10:24 am (UTC)
i still am in shock they won and it was so close.. figures i missed it and was busy watching house lol