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I'm a 24 year old chef/drummer from the Pittsburgh area. I'm a practicing Wiccan who's handfasted (look it up if necessary) to the most amazing woman a man can find. Politically speaking, I'm a left-wing moderate who was once registered republican. I've been told that I'm exceptionally nice, and a royal asshole when I'm pissed.....and alot pisses me off...but I'll rant later. I'm a metal head who has been described as "a heavy metal Jesus" (long hair and beard similar to Scott Ian- about half that length, though). At one time I had a green mohawk and wore plaid suits....so....I guess I was punk once. I love to cook, obcess over music, have a rather unhealthy love of porn, and a strange affection for pirates. I, like all of you out there, have my contradictions and my faults. If your faults include "racism", "religious psycho-fanaticism", or "being an emo kid"...well...you suck at life and should realllly consider quitting. If not, I welcome all of you to exchange views and information...and maybe....just maybe....we can make this festering pile of shit refered to in the vernacular as "a country" a somewhat decent place.